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Live the Siloli desert experience in a Tayka hotel

The “Tayka del Desierto” hotel is one of the three that make up the Tayka Hotel Network, where each Community Association owns a percentage of the establishment and receives part of the generated dividends.

The ” Tayka del Desierto” is found in the Eduardo Avaroa Andean Flora and Fauna Reserve (REA for its acronym in Spanish – Reserva de Flora y Fauna Andina Eduardo), in the southwest part of Bolivia, Potosi department. It offers a breathtaking view of the abundant reddish and golden desert sands, with majestic mountains in the background. At night, you can enjoy a star show.

Its strategic location offers the opportunity to visit the most impressive tourist attractions of the REA, where you can explore the Colored Lagoons, the Sol de Manana Geysers, and the famous Stone Tree.

Travel services:

  • Lodging
  • Bar and restaurant services
  • Shared areas
  • Wi-Fi
  • Light and heating with time restrictions
  • The dining room has a circular shape with a large window from where you can watch the sunrise and sunset.
  • Buffet breakfast (included), lunch and dinner.


  • Nor Lipez province, southwest of Potosf department, in the Soniquera community. Specifically, located in the Siloli desert, at the foot of the Agua y Perdiz mountain.
  • http://goo.gl/maps/MNy2Qo5w3JCmM9os8

Best time to visit:

•      All year

Way to get there:

  • It can be reached through tourist agencies, tour operators, and also independently with your own transport, preferably a 4×4.
  • The hotel and the different agencies offer the region’s attractions’ guide maps. However, it is advisable to travel with certified tourism agencies or operators to avoid difficulties along the way.

Essential clothing and accessories:

  • Comfortable and resistant footwear for walking on irregular terrain and sand.
  • Cool and light clothing, although nights are cold, during the day it can be very warm.
  • Sunglasses and hat to protect yourself from the intense sun and UV radiation.
  • Flashlight or front lamp for walking at night or in dimly lit areas.
  • A bottle of water or canteen to stay hydrated during the trip.
  • Insect repellent, since mosquitoes can be common in some desert areas.


This content is taken from the “Soy Bolivia” verified guide, prepared in April 2023 with information
provided by organizations and communities involved. This guide is updated annually to ensure its
validity. In order to suggest a community tourism venture, free of charge, you are welcome to send a
WhatsApp message to the number (591) 70079347.

•   Note: Prices are updated to May 2023.

Warning. The images in this guide were provided by representatives of the involved communities, who assured that they use these photographs for the respective promotions of their ventures.