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Red-fronted Macaw Reserve, a place for sustainable tourism and help conserve a species that onlyinhabits Bolivia

The Red-Fronted Macaw Reserve, located in the Omereque municipality, Cochabamba department, is a destination for sustainable tourism and birdwatching, which offers a unique experience in contact with nature and local culture.

The reserve is managed by the San Carlos, Perereta and Amaya communities, with the Armonia Foundation support. At this place, the Red-fronted Macaw (Ara rubrogenys) is protected, a species that is only found in Bolivia, and is also home to more than 184-bird species, including two other endemics species: the Bolivian Blackbird (Oreopsar bolivianus) and the Cliff Parakeet. (Myiopsitta monachus luchsi).

In addition, it has a Omereque culture archaeological site: the Tunas Mok’o fortress, which is the area’s ancient history testimony.

Each visit to this destination directly supports natural habitat conservation and contributes to improving the local communities’ life quality. The local inhabitants participate in surveillance and receive income from the protected area visits.

Travel services

  • Lodging: Seven double rooms.
  • Full meals with varied menus that combine local gastronomy.
  • Entrance to interpretive trails for birdwatching and landscape observation.
  • Hiking to ancient cultures archaeological sites and cave paintings.
  • Local guide, use of binoculars and telescope.


•      The reserve is located in the Omereque Municipality and can be accessed from Cochabamba (260 kilometers), Santa Cruz (302 kilometers) and Sucre (217 kilometers).


Phone: 591 – 3 – 3568808 (Armonia Foundation office)

Phone: +591 -71391856 (Tourism Coordinator)

Email: [email protected] / [email protected]

This content is taken from the “Soy Bolivia” verified guide, prepared in April 2023 with information
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•   Note: Prices are updated to May 2023.

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