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Discover the Madidi National Park biodiversity with Yuruma Journeys

This community-based ecotourism venture is a San Jose de Uchupiamonas indigenous people families' initiative, committed to one of the most biodiverse protected areas on the planet.

Experiential tourism, astronomy, and Andean art in Tiahuanacu

The Tiahuanacu municipality located 74 kilometers from La Paz city, has the Tiwanaku archaeological site and respective museums, but also offers a complementary activities variety. In 2022, Adetur for its acronym in Spanish - Asociacion de Emprendimientos Turismo Integral Tiwanaku (Tiwanaku Integral Tourism Enterprises Association) was created, made up of local inhabitants that offer tourist services in gastronomy, lodging, tourist guides, handicrafts, dairy products, and Andean astronomy experiences.