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Humamarka: discover the “water and birds land” on Lake Titicaca

The Humamarka name comes from the Aymara language and means “land of water”, which is a very accurate description of this beautiful tourist destination at Bolivia. This is a small community located on the Titicaca Lake shores, in the Pillapi San Agustin canton, just 40 minutes from the Tiahuanacu municipality, in the La Paz department.

With 69 registered bird species, it is an ideal birdwatching destination. Among the most important species is the Titicaca Grebe (Rollandia microptera), known locally as Kenu, which is in extinction danger. An endangered species, the Pariguana (Phoenicoparrus andinus), and the Giant Coot (Fulica gigantea), which is in a vulnerable state, can also be found here.

At this destination, the community members offer a variety of tourist activities. One is a boat tour and visit to the lake bird viewpoint, with local guides trained in ornithology. From this place a wide variety of native and migrant birds can be observed, in accordance with the time of the year.

There are also hikes along the trails that surround the community to appreciate the area’s natural beauty, in addition to getting to learning about the local culture, visiting the farms, and learning about the ancestral farming techniques.

In gastronomy terms, the region offers a wide variety of delicious dishes made with fresh fish from the lake, including the famous wallake, a native soup that cannot be missed.

At this place, all the services are offered by the community inhabitants themselves, which allows authentic interaction with the local culture and inhabitants. In addition, its activities are designed in such a way that they do not affect its natural environment in order to protect the species that live there and that are part of the attraction.

Travel services

  • Lake transport.
  • Birdlife specialized guide.
  • Food.


  • The Pillapi San Agustin community is located 27 km west from the Tiahuanaco urban area, and it takes approximately 40 minutes to get there. See location:

Best time to visit:

  • All year round, since the opportunity to observe a variety of native birds and other migrant bird species depends on the time of the year.

Essential clothing and accessories:

  • It is recommended to wear warm, comfortable, and light clothing.
  • Sunscreen
  • Water or hydrating beverage
  • Hat or cap and glasses


  • Advance reservation
  • More information: Rolando Quispe, Roselin Alanoca and Elsa Quispe
  • Phone: + 591 71201674, + 591 76523921, + 591 73558792

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•   Note: Prices are updated to May 2023.

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